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Best Electric Skateboards 2022 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best boosted electric skateboard to spend your hard-earned money on? This article will help you to buy the best and up-to-date electric skateboards from reputable skate companies.

It is difficult to put together a list of the best electric skateboards, if not impossible because every rider has his unique needs from an eboard. However, this list will help you in buying the best board that will meet your majority of demands by giving a broad overview of the best electric skateboards.

We worked a long way to give you the best reviews about our favorite boards. So you can buy Best Electric skateboards without thinking twice. Here is a review of the 10 best electric skateboards so you can enjoy your games

10 Best Electric Skateboards Review

Here are 10 of our best electric skateboards. Let go of all your work and go through these reviews, and check out which best electric skateboard suits you.


Best under 700$ Best under 700$
SagaPlay Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:25 MPH
  • Range:12.5 Miles
  • Motor:2100W Dual Motors
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Best under 300$ Best under 300$
Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:12.4 MPH
  • Range:6-9 Miles
  • Motor:350W Single Motor
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Best Under 500$ Best Under 500$
Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:22 MPH
  • Range:11 Miles
  • Motor:760W Dual Motor
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Best Under 700$ Best Under 700$
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:25 MPH
  • Range:22 Miles
  • Motor:Dual Hub Motors
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Best under 200$ Best under 200$
RazorX Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:10 MPH
  • Range:6.5 MPH
  • Motor:125W Motor
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Best Under 500$ Best Under 500$
Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:28 MPH
  • Range:11 Miles
  • Motor: Two 540W Meepo Hub motors
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Best Under 200$ Best Under 200$
WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:12.4 MPH
  • Range:5 Miles
  • Motor:350W Single Motor
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Best Under 400$ Best Under 400$
Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:18.6 MPH
  • Range:12.5 Miles
  • Motor:350w Dual Hub Motor
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Best Under 300$ Best Under 300$
Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard
  • Top Speed:19 MPH
  • Range:10 Miles
  • Motor:350W Brushless Hub Motor
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Best Under 300$ Best Under 300$
URBANPRO Electric Skateboard
  • Top Speed:20 MPH
  • Range:10 Miles
  • Motor:400W Torque Motor
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Sagaplay – Best electric skateboard under 700$

Sagaplay - Best electric skateboard under 700$


Electric skateboards are in fashion nowadays. In this game of race, everyone wants to enter. Many people find difficulty while buying a skateboard for themselves. Thus, for your convenience, We have reviewed the cheapest and best electric skateboards on Amazon. Sagaplay electric skateboard is our favorite choice. It Is super unique in its features.

We are in love with this skateboard. What we love about this skateboard is that it is eco-friendly, easy to use, and handy. This board has three specific modes.

  • Easy
  • Eco
  • Pro

These modes are for kids, adult beginners, to professionals. Easy mode is for kids as the board then proceeds at a slow speed. Eco mode is for beginners, and pro is for professionals. Beginners can go from low to high speed. Users can adjust it according to their choice. This feature makes the board attractive for every type of user.

The design of this skateboard is so elegant. The funky orange color makes it so unique and adds beauty to the skateboard. The design also is a tactic in attracting customers.

The board comes up with a strong battery made up of lithium-ions. Lithium-ion batteries are good in terms of life span and charging time. The charging time is less than 2 hours and can give you a maximum ride of 12 miles. Less charging time is best for those who go on extensive journeys. Also, if the battery has a good life span, then it lasts longer during the trip.

The board is equipped with two powerful motors. The board has dual hub motors of 2100 watts that make it to runs at the fastest speed.

At the lowest price, it gives you high performance. Its maximum speed is 25mph and gives a ride of an average of 7 miles. This speed is good in this price tag.

The deck of the electric skateboard is made up of 7-ply bamboo. All bamboo material increases the hardness of the board. This gives stiffness and durability to the board.

It is very lightweight at about 16 lbs. The advantage of this is that you can carry it with you in your hands or backpacks. Due to its lightweight has more flexibility and can jump over hurdles and go to inclines quickly.

Lastly, the board comes with a wireless remote that controls the speed of an electric skateboard. The remote shows speed modes and the reverse option. The remote also shows the battery indicator.

  • Very fast
  • Smart longboard
  • Stiffer deck
  • Powerful battery
  • Lightweight
  • Little expensive



Hiboy S11 – best skateboard under 300$


Hiboy S11- best skateboard under 300$


In this era of technology, many progressive changes also come in skateboards. Here is our 2nd best pick of the best electric skateboards. One of the best sellers on Amazon today is Hiboy S11 electric skateboard.

The Hiboy S11 eboard is the best electric skateboard. If you are low on budget and want to stay under $300, this skateboard is the right choice. It is both affordable and budget-friendly. This skateboard is perfect for beginners.

Hiboy S1 is made of wood and aluminum. All wood material makes the board sturdy. This material helps in the durability of the board. And make it capable of running on the hills. It is incredibly lightweight at only 7.94 lbs and extremely stable while turning and accelerating. However, it can bear a weight load of 180lbs.

In length, Hiboy is slightly shorter than the above electric skateboard. It’s only 29 inches in length, but a wide deck waist ensures a steady ride.

Now go on its specs; it comes with a single 250-watt hub motor that makes it reach a top speed of 12.5 mph. As it has only a single motor, thus its performance may be lower than other dual motor electric skateboards.

Hiboy is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery that gives you an average of 6.2 miles of range. The battery charging time is 2.5 hours. However, it can change with the amount of current and heat.

It has four different riding modes. By using a remote, you can adjust it according to your choice. Apart from riding modes, it has four braking modes. These baking modes help in safe riding.

Hiboy electric skateboard comes with an agronomic and wireless remote. The Remote is rechargeable. Wireless remote shows the riding modes, braking modes, and how much battery is left. The wireless remote is easy to handle.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide deck
  • Different riding modes
  • Four braking modes
  • Less range
  • Single motor
  • Average speed
  • Not suitable to climb on hills


Teamgee H5 – Best electric skateboard under 500$


Teamgee H5- Best electric skateboard under 500$


If you are looking for a cheaper and best electric skateboard, this thinnest electric skateboard is the right choice. It is the lightest skateboard you will find today. As this is thin, it makes the skateboard weigh less than 200 pounds and adds flexibility.

If we talk about its design, its manufacturers made it with fineness and drop-through deck design that will please your eyes.

It’s a 10 layers maple-long skateboard of about 38 inches in length and 8.7 inches in width with wireless remote control. The flash in the remote is an excellent addition. Thus it will help you in riding at night. The remote shows the charge level of the board and the remote itself. The size of the board is easy to maneuver and easy to handle for the kids.

It has dual hub motors that are about 760W. Each powerful motor is about 380 watts. It’s both powerful motors work together as a single motor unit.

Hub motors are less expensive and easy to maintain than belt-driven motors. Hub motors have an excellent braking system and give a smooth ride. At the same time, belt-driven motors are good in torque and accelerating power. But they are hard to maintain.

The motors will give you a ride of the average range of 11 miles. The maximum speed of the board is 22miles per hour. This speed is best for both noobs and pros.

Its high-performance battery is also worth notice. Its battery takes an average of 2 hours to be fully charged and runs for a long time. The battery recharging time is less, so it is suitable for the riders. At the same time, going on long rides if you get out of battery so you can easily charge it in less time. According to the company technical spec, it has a 36-volt lithium-ion battery.

Let’s talk about its construction. However, it’s thin in structure yet so durable and safe to ride that you can also go up hills. The board is made up of 10 layers of Canadian maple and 1-ply fiberglass. A layer of fiberglass increases the board’s stiffness and makes its weight bearable. In short, we can say that it’s worth spending your money on it.

  • it is easy and comfortable to ride
  • Dual Motor
  • Top speed
  • Thin board
  • Drop through deck design
  • Expensive
  • Not so water-resistant



SKATEBOLT – Best electric skateboard under 700$


Skatebolt - Best electric skateboard under 700$


This eye-catching electric skateboard is on our list because of its unique features, sleek designs, fast speeds, and two switching speeds.

These features caught our attention, so we placed them on the best electric skateboards. It comes with a remote. The remote contains an acceleration wheel, gear shift button for switching speeds, and forward/reverse switch. The remote is wireless and is easy to carry.

Let’s talk about its deck material. The deck is made up of 8 layers of northeast maple. Thus the board is sturdy in its structure and supports weight up to 280 lbs.

It is 38 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. It’s a bit heavy that if you are carrying it for a long time, you will get tired. It is 265 pounds in weight and contains large and smooth wheels of about 3.5 inches.

Wheels are made of polyurethane material. Polyurethane is a good material for making wheels as it lasts longer and has a better grip. Good quality of wheels helps in steady and smooth riding.

If we talk about its specs, it uses a 36-volt lithium rechargeable battery of 700 watts. It takes 4 hours to recharge the empty battery and be used to the average range of 16 miles. The charging time of the battery is a bit longer.

It has dual 90 millimeters hub motors. The powerful motors drive the board at maximum speed. It has two-speed modes. You can either go with a slow speed of 20 miles per hour and a fast speed of 27 miles per hour with 7500 mah battery capacity. You can control the speed level of your choice with the help of a remote. The hub motors enable it to climb on 25% steep hills.

Moreover, the board has tail lights. These lights help you in riding at night. These lights start blinking to warn you of the vehicles coming behind you while you are holding brakes.

  • Two switching speeds
  • Quite fast
  • High range
  • Effective brakes
  • Not strong enough for bumpy roads
  • Deck may be short for some users



RazorX Cruiser – Best electric skateboard under 200$


RazorX Cruiser - Best electric skateboard under 200$


One of the versatile electric skateboards today in the market is Razor X Cruiser electric skateboard. This is one of the best electric skateboards and is top reviewed in our list. Razor is one of the brands famous for affordable goods. It has also maintained its price.

It’s an electrifying kick-to-start motor electric skateboard. Diverse in its nature, it gives you the best ride. It is also budget-friendly. As it is cheaper than another skateboard so you might hesitate to buy this. But this skateboard does not compromise on the quality of the skateboard.

One by one, we will discuss its features. First, if we talk about its design, then it comes with a decent design. The pattern is so sleek and attracts the eyes. It’s extremely lightweight. The white wheels add more attraction to the board. The big white wheels are made of urethane with an 80a durometer. The big wheels are great for gripping on grass or parks.

The board is sturdy and feels like a regular skateboard but a little heavier in weight. It weighs 10.5 pounds, which is a little heavier than the other regular electric skateboard. This skateboard is perfect for beginners and kids as it gives a stable and balanced ride. Its marketers especially advertised this electric skateboard for the kids.

Razor X has a single hub motor of 125 watts. The single powerful motor operates the board at a faster speed. The board runs at a maximum speed of 10mph.

The battery is fitted with the right wheel with a series of gears that give the board a little torque. The lithium-ion battery is 24 volts and takes at least 4 hours to charge. The charging time is a bit longer and not suitable for some users.

A fully charged battery gives you an enjoyable ride of, on average, 5 to 6 miles. The battery run time of razor X is 40 minutes continuously.

As this electric skateboard is mainly made for kids and beginners, then it is stable and balanced. The deck gives it stability during the ride and can easily absorb pits and bumps on the roads. The skateboard deck is made up of 5 layers of Canadian maple, which gives the board rigidity. The maximum board capacity of the board is 220 pounds.

The Razor X has no proper braking system. You cannot stop the board at once by applying brakes; instead, you can lower the speed slowly to a full stop. This feature is safe for kids as the electric skateboard cannot stop at once with maximum acceleration; thus, it decreases the chances of a sudden fall from the board.

In the end, if we talk about its remote, then it has a wireless remote control with minimal design and data on it that makes it easier to use for the kids.

Razor X has a wireless remote with a wrist strap. The wrist strap prevents the remote from dropping during your ride. The remote also has an LED indicator. This indicator tells about how much charging has left.

  • Perfect speed for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Suitable to ride on a bumpy road
  • Replaceable parts
  • Runs at a safe speed
  • Single motor
  • Heavy
  • Less weight-bearing ability
  • Charging time is long
  • Low range
  • No proper braking system



Meepo V3 – Best electric skateboard under 500$


Meepo V3 - Best electric skateboard under 500$


With time, electric skateboards are becoming very popular among the youth. Electric skateboards are very fun to ride and enjoy.

The demand for electric skateboards is increasing day by day. With the rising demand, the manufacturers started making affordable electric skateboards. So anyone of every category can buy them.

Meepo V3 electric skateboard is the best electric skateboard. It is not only affordable but also best for beginners. Meepo V3 has a strong reputation in the market, so we reviewed its features.

This board has a wide deck. It’s 38 inches long and 9 inches wide. The length and width of the board are perfect in size. The wide deck makes it easy to maneuver while turning around.

Meepo V3 is made up of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood. All wood deck makes it challenging in structure. It can bear a maximum weight of 300lbs. Thus, it is suitable for bumpy roads as it absorbs the shocks and gives you a smooth ride. The polyurethane wheels have a better grip and produce less noise. The board is easy to carry.

It’s one of the fastest electric skateboards at an affordable price. Meepo V3 has dual motors. Each powerful motor is 540watts. The more powerful its motors are, the more it accelerates. Its maximum speed is 28mph. The hub motors can be upgraded by changing the PU sleeves instead of changing the whole motor.

All its parts are sealed with the powerful glue that makes the board water-resistant and dust-free. This is a unique feature as most of the boards are not water-resistant and dustproof.

The lithium-ion battery takes 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. Moreover, with the fully charged battery, you can get a range of an average of 11 miles. The board can ride on 30% steeper hills. The main characteristic of this board is that you can use it as a regular board when its power is off.

The wireless remote of Meepo V3 has a large screen that shows all the data on the screen, like how much battery power is remaining, four riding modes, etc. In the box with the board, there are skateboard tools. Skateboard stickers adorned it, charger, USB cable, and DC cable.

  • Waterproof and dustproof motors
  • Dual motors
  • Fast speed in affordable price
  • Easy to carry
  • Wireless remote with screen
  • Less range for some users




WOOKRAYS – Best electric skateboard under 200$


Wookrays - Best electric skateboard under 200$


Want to give your life color? Then buy a funky dunky electric skateboard—the best electric skateboard for kids.

Without waiting anymore, we give you its review. If we talk about its size, it has a deck of 65 centimeters with big wheels of 70 millimeters made up of polyurethane. Good material of wheel and the size of wheels help it smooth riding over the terrains or bumpy roads. This feature gives it stability, and big wheels have the ability to absorb shocks.

The board comprises 7 layers of hard rock maple that give it durability and can withstand a maximum weight of 80 kg. Maple material provides the board with better flex. It can withstand all types of stamping collisions without deformation.

This board comes with three speeds suitable for both beginners and advanced skaters. The slow speed operates at 6.2mph, the medium speed of 9.3mph, and the high of 12.4mph. This skateboard was introduced to the age group of 8 years.

This board has a single powerful hub motor of 350 watts. The board has a 2000mah lithium battery of 29.4V. To increase the battery’s lifetime, it is advised to charge and discharge the battery at least once a month.

The battery takes 2 hours to be charged and gives you an average ride of 5 miles. You can enjoy your ride on the streets with this skateboard and show the skills you hold.

Last but not least, Wookrays comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control. The remote controls the forward, backward motions accelerate and control brakes too. The led indicator of the remote keeps you informed about the skateboard battery level.

  • Durable
  • Maximum weight-bearing ability
  • Big wheels
  • Stable
  • Low battery level
  • Normal speed



Hiboy S22 – Best electric skateboard under 400$


Hiboy S22 - Best electric skateboard under 400$


Speed has become a part of life. Everything in this universe is in motion. With the advancement in other fields of life, skateboard manufacturers also brought many changes in the skateboards.

Today, electric skateboards are in fashion. School and college-going students are especially attracted to electric skateboards. Hiboy S22 is the best choice for them.

Let’s talk about its design and features. Hiboy S22 is a long U- shaped board with a 10.5 inches wide deck and stronger trucks. The skateboard is made of 7 layers of maple wood that gives sturdiness to the longboard. The board is able to bear the maximum load of 220lbs.

Moreover, its wheels are made up of polyurethane material. All four wheels are replaceable and retain smooth riding.

Hiboy S22 is powered by high-performance brushless dual hub motors of 350watts. This motor helps in the smooth ride with a speed of 18.6mph. It is almost similar in features to the Hiboy S11 except that it has a dual motor while the S11 has a single motor. It can climb 20% of the hills with ease.

Like S11, it has four riding modes and four braking modes. Riding modes and braking modes make it safe for kids users. These modes provide careful taper while braking and accelerating the board.

Hiboy S22 has a 4.4Ah lithium-ion battery of 36 V. The charging time of the battery is 2 hours. On a fully charged battery, the average range is 12.5 miles.

Hiboy S22 is mainly for casual skaters and not suitable for off roads. So, a skater may find some difficulty while crossing the grass or bumps. But it gives a smooth and balanced ride on the city roads.

The board comes with an ergonomic wireless remote. Remote shows the battery indicator, speed modes, and braking modes. Remote controls the speed and is easy to use. Its remote has a faster response than other electric skateboard’s remote.

  • Brushless dual hub motors
  • High performance
  • Smooth riding
  • Longboard
  • Short range
  • No lights
  • No cruise control



Blitzart 38″- Best electric skateboard under 300$


Blitzart 38 - Best electric skateboard under 300$


Blizzard is famous for using high-quality products in skateboards that bring comfort and flexibility to every age group. It is renowned for its speed and range. Because with such fast speed and range it has a very affordable price.

As it is known for its range and speed so, first we discuss this. It has a maximum speed of 19 MPH. This fast speed is suitable for most of the riders who want to roam on the city roads.

The board works on 2-speed modes. Slow speed mode is for beginners, while the high-speed mode is for advanced riders.

The maximum range of the board is about 10 miles. But after testing the board for some time, we concluded that its range is not exactly 10 miles but fluctuates between 6- 10 miles depending upon the weight of the riders.

Moreover, it has a 36 volt, 4.0 Ah, and 144Wh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery takes 3 hours to charge. Battery charging time is also best at this affordable price. With a fully charged battery, it can continuously be used for 70 minutes.

Blizzard 38″ Hurricane Electric longboard has a 350-watt brushless hub motor. Hub motors are better than belt-driven motors as they make less noise and are easy to maintain. Another main thing is that the board with hub motors can also be used as a regular skateboard without a battery.

Let’s talk about its deck. The length of the deck is 38 inches. The deck is made of bamboo and maple. The deck is made up of 7-ply maple wood sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo. Additional material is the premium grip tape. Grip tape helps to keep your feet in place and prevents you from slipping through the board.

The weight of the board is 8.3 kg, while it has a load capacity of 250 pounds. The wheels of the skateboard are made of Pu and are replaceable. The skateboard is shipped fully assembled, so it saves your time and from the hassle of joining the parts.

In the end, the board has a wireless remote that is easy to use and hold. The remote shows the two-speed modes and controls the acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability. Remote also has a hold function that helps in getting on and off the board.

  • Fast speed
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Fast speed
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Single motor
  • After some time, there might be some problem while charging



UrbanPro – Best electric skateboard under 300$


UrbanPro - Best electric skateboard under 300$

An urban skateboard is a cool and fun skateboard. It is a hands-free skateboard that comes with a remote control that is very fun to ride.

If we describe its design, then it comes in a very relaxed style that attracts skateboarders. Its design is the main reason for its popularity.

The 35 inches longboard is made up of 11 layers of maple and fiberglass. This layer helps in weight-bearing. The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 265 lbs.

Wheels are made up of high material polyurethane. The specialty of their wheels is that they have a firm grip that helps in the smooth-riding.

The cool and fun riding skateboard has a 400W brushless motor. This powerful motor is best at an affordable price. The skateboard runs at 20MPH speed and covers a maximum of 10 miles of range. The battery takes 3 hours to charge fully.

Last but not least, the ultra pro skateboard’s remote is very easy to use. The three-speed mode helps to enjoy the ride for every user, from novice to professional ones. You can fully trust this skateboard, keeping all your worries aside.

  • Portable
  • Strong motor in affordable price
  • Very easy to use
  • Best birthday gift for adults
  • Battery dies soon
  • Range not high


Buyer’s guide:

Best electric skateboard

If you have read the above article, you almost have the idea of which electric skateboard is best for buying at the best price.

We know you are in search of buying a skateboard. That’s why we reviewed each skateboard in the best way by spending days and nights testing them.

Let’s make it easy for you, and guide you on what you should know while buying a skateboard for you.

Following are the important points which you should remember while buying a skateboard

  1. How much money do you want to spend while buying the skateboard?

First, know how much money you want to spend. As far as we know, everyone wants to get a skateboard at an affordable price that meets their needs. Most companies make skateboards at an affordable price that is suitable for every type of their customers. Most of the price range depends upon the battery. If you want a big battery, then, of course, the price will be high for that skateboard.

  1. What are your priorities while buying a skateboard?

Make a list of your priorities. What are you finding on a skateboard? According to our knowledge, most customers go for the big battery, high speed, and high range.

If you want to ride in a city with smooth roads, you should focus on the battery and the speed. But if you’re going to run on bumpy roads and inclines, you should focus on the motors and the durability of the deck.

We will also help you in making your priorities by giving a brief overview.


The efficiency of an electric skateboard depends on its motor. We suggest you, while buying a skateboard choose a board with double hub motors. Dual motors are best for the smooth-riding of a skateboard. Also, it’s essential to know about the motor type.

There are few types of motors:

  •     Hub motor is the most used motor in electric skateboards. This type of motor is used because of its less expensive and clean parts that help in smooth riding.
  •     Belt motor is a less used type of motor in the electric skateboard. Belt motors are not suitable because they have some resistance that causes difficulty while pushing kick and braking.


Most of the skateboarders want a speedy ride, especially the youngsters. They go for a speed. Thus while buying a skateboard, read the description given by the company. Most companies claim the maximum speed from 7mph to 13mph, but their limit is about 8mph. They have different speeds, i.e., from slow to high speed.


The battery is the main part of the skateboard. If the battery capacity is good, then the overall impression of the skateboard is perfect. But most of the battery capacity depends upon the charging cycle of the customers.

You should go for the skateboard with a Lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are best in many ways from other batteries. They have longer life spans. They are safe to use. Lithium-Ion batteries have microchips for safe charging and discharging. The battery should be more than 1500 watts.

Charge time rates

Charge time rates are essential because most of the journey depends on it. While buying a skateboard, go for the lower charging time. Also, see how many miles you can cover after charging once. How long the battery lasts.

Users who use boards a lot have to carry the charger with them. Skateboard chargers are bigger than the usual cell phone chargers. Thus it is necessary to select a board that has longer battery life and lowers charging time.

Deck material

Skateboards are made up of different types of materials

  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Fiberglass

Each type of material is best. Each material has its properties. For example, The deck made of bamboo and maple is flexible, while the deck made of fiberglass is stiff. If we compare bamboo and maple, then maple is the strongest hardwood while bamboo is stronger and lighter.


Every user needs a skateboard with a high range. The range is a determining factor in the skateboard. Range depends on the battery, motor, and also on the wheel. The average range of most skateboards is 7 miles.

Board weight and weight-bearing capacity:

While buying a skateboard, first see the specifications of that skateboard. See which skateboard is best to bear your weight.

Board weight is also a crucial factor. Always choose a skateboard that is lighter in weight and easy to carry because you have to take a skateboard in your hand or backpack.


We wrote this article to understand the best electric skateboards and which things to consider while buying a skateboard.

We gave the details of each skateboard from our point of view. You can buy any skateboard that is mentioned above.

But still, if you can’t choose which skateboard you should buy, there is no need to worry. Let’s make it easy for you.

We suggest you buy either Hiboy S11 or Teamgee H5 37″ electric skateboard. Both are best in their features, i.e., having a wide deck, dual hub motor, less charging time, different riding modes, and affordable.

Both these electric skateboards are easy to use and best for both beginners and professionals. However, you can choose according to your own choice.

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